Our Mission, Vision and Values

Welcome to my FlowDesign website. My name is Izabela Małgorzata Rećko, I am a specialist in international and intercultural comunication, and in distributed object communication. I created this place to support and improve your personal development, leadership skills, state of mind and your psychosomatic experiences in comunication (a specific bodily movement and balacne).


We specialize in:

  • Individual and Group Therapy – intensive short-term dynamic forms therapy; crisis, imbalans (Ela Majewska). See details: ISTDP
  • Personal Development & Career Counseling (Izabela Rećko, Wojciech Warpiński, Ela Majewska). See details: Development
  • Corporate & Business Communication (Izabela Rećko, Ela Majewska). See details: Communication
  • Wellbeing and Immune (Izableaa Rećko, Tymoteusz Onyszkiewicz). See details: Immune & Body Workout
  • Weekend cyclical trips and workshops. See details on the business partner’s website: Active in Nature
  • Breakup & Divorce SOS Group. See details: Support
  • Inter & Transgender Support. See details: IT Support


FlowDesign with strategic partners „Barrister Is Your Shield Foundation” and Active in Nature organizes regular meetings, conferences, meetups, R&D in the field of psychosomatic, slow life, transformation of culture-nature, new technologies and embodied AI. It is an opportunity to meet great people and establish business cooperation. See details: Conferences.


Send me your message or call to me: Contact

You can find me on fb & ig & tt & in

Meetings, Support Groups and Immune Yoga : Inter Trans Connexion Inter Support & Immune Yoga




You can book session for your workplace.


We organize events and trips in Europe, Asia, USA and Cuba.


Ph.D Izabela Rećko and FlowDesign associates. See details: Team


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