Our Mission, Vision and Values

Welcome to my FlowDesign website. My name is Małgorzata Rećko, I am a coach, therapist and scientist. I created this place to support and improve your personal development, state of mind and your psychosomatic experiences. We create differences, changes and space, where you can grow, as you need it.


We specialize in:

  • Individual and Group Therapy – intensive short-term dynamic forms therapy; crisis, imbalans (Małgorzata Rećko). See details: ISTDP
  • Personal Development & Career Counseling (Małgorzata Rećko, Wojciech Warpiński, Ela Majewska). See details: Development
  • Corporate & Business Communication (Małgorzata Rećko, Ela Majewska). See details: Communication
  • Wellbeing and Immune & Body Workout (Małgorzata Rećko, Tymoteusz Onyszkiewicz). See details: Immune & Body Workout
  • Weekend cyclical trips and workshops. See details on the business partner’s website: Active in Nature
  • Breakup & Divorce SOS Group. See details: Support
  • Inter & Transgender Support. See details: IT Support


FlowDesign with strategic partners „Barrister Is Your Shield Foundation” and Active in Nature organizes regular meetings, conferences, meetups, R&D in the field of psychosomatic, slow life, transformation of culture-nature, new technologies and embodied AI. It is an opportunity to meet great people and establish business cooperation. See details: Conferences.


Send me your message or call to me: Contact

You can find me on fb & ig & tt & in

Meetings, Support Groups and Immune Yoga : Inter Trans Connexion Inter Support & Immune Yoga




You can book session for your workplace.


We organize events and trips in Europe, Asia, USA and Cuba.


Ph.D Małgorzata Rećko and FlowDesign associates. See details: Team


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